Strong in work pieces of medium to large dimensions. Variable tooth with 10 degree positive Rake angle with special group set cuts sold materials as well as heavy wall structural and tubing at fast cutting rates giving a smooth surface finish.

Engineered for

  • Common steel qualities up to 1400 N/mm2
  • Non ferrous metals
  • Single and Bundle cuts
  • Solid material of medium to large dimensions
  • Heavy wall tube

Blade Dimensions

Teeth Per Inch

0.75 / 1,25 1.4 /2 2 /3 3 /4 4 /6
20mm x 0,90mm X
27mm x 0,90mm X X X
34mm x 1,10mm X X X X
41mm x 1,30mm X X X X
54mm x 1,30mm X X X X
54mm x 1,60mm X X X X
67mm x 1,60mm X X X X
80mm x 1,60mm X X X
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